Myroo Customer Reviews

Reviews of Myroo products by our customers in their own words. We love to hear your thoughts. It helps us improve our products and your kind words make it all worthwhile.

"felt lovely on my skin and smelt divine"
paula c.
My skin loves these products.
"I purchased the mini Myroo fragrance free skin kit. It comes with the cleansing oil, face serum, hand treat and super Balm. My skin is dry/sensitive and reactive. Didn't have any issues using Myroo, the cleansing oil is lovely, doesn't strip your skin, leaves it clean and soft. The face serum is my new favourite, my skin loves this, the redness in my skin is reduced using this face serum, hydrated, plump. It's everything I've ever wanted in a serum. I will be purchasing the full size of this. The hand treat is a little miracle worker and used overnight as a treatment I found my eczema much better the next day, my hands aren't like sandpaper, just baby soft. I would highly recommend these products, I'm delighted we can purchase fragrance free."
Nicola S.
Cloth & Cleanser
"I bought this for a friend as I have previously used it thought it was amazing. She really loves it & says it's a shame to wash it off! "
samantha c.
Starflower and Orange Blossom Cleanser
"The overall experience was fantastic and I will continue to use only Myroo cleanser. "
Sheilah T.
Soothing & nourishing
"Wonderful! This was purchased with the hope it would smooth and nourish a very sore and sensitive skin. It did! Now used as a night cream to prevent further outbreaks and keep skin soft and smooth. Would highly recommend."
True Sense of Cleansing
"I initially trialled a small sample of this cleanser and instantly fell in love. I have very oily skin and have found in the past most cleansers strip my skin dry of oils, which leaves my skin ultimately irritated. The Starflower and Orange Blossom Cleanser simply cleanses and smoothens my skin, and does not tighten and irritate my skin. Thank you!!!!"
Great Cleanser
"Before trying this cleanser, I had never tried an oil cleanser, but having tried it, I'm converted. My skin feels soft and clean, and not dried out like many cleansers. Absolutely love the smell too- fantastic product!"
Jo Ward
Makes skin feel smooth all day
"I love this serum, I've found it's perfect on its own for Spring/Summer months, softening my (dry) skin but not making it too oily. It keeps my skin soft all day."
Totally blown away by this product!
"This is for my teenage daughter who has extra extra sensitive skin also allergic skin and nothing seemed to be working for her. As I had suspected she has allergic skin and a lot of the other natural high street stores didn't cater for this I bought a sample kit of this after we saw the full-size products in Anthropologie in London. So we thought rather than paying out for the full-size let's see what happens when we try this. So we got the trial size and wow just wow. She had a very severe skin reaction the night before and she applied the cleanser and balm and she woke up very pleased I can tell you. The skin looked nourished and cleansed. Really refreshed. So we have just put an order through for the full size cleanser and serum."
Misbah Khan
Lovely little product
"Will be buying this again. I've got skin allergies and all high street branded lip products have irritated my skin. This balm is so soothing and is a welcome boost over winter. Love!"
Really lovely oil
"I took a sample size of this oil on holiday and used it at night - it really hydrated my skin, which was exposed to lots of sun, wind and chlorine, and I will definitely be ordering the full size to use as at night this winter. Love the smell and the feel. Thank you."
Sheila Shead
"I bought the trial size set to try out a few Myroo products. I have very dry hands at this time of year so was keen to use the hand treatment. After just one application, the skin on my hands is already softer and the redness has gone. It also smells lovely! I'm going to order the full size pot when this one is done! Very impressed. Oh - and good, fast delivery."
"Having recently stepped away from products with chemicals & 'nasty's' I struggled to find anything that was effective ... until this came along. My skin feels renewed and hydrated - I cannot recommend it highly enough and I will definitely purchase again. Part of my essential skin care routine. Love it!"
Lovely product
"Really lovely product; not at all greasy, absorbed quickly but leaves a protective feeling on the skin."
A Super Superfood Balm!
"I'm just about to order a second jar - a high accolade! I have loved using this balm on my dry hands and have noticed an improvement in the condition of my nails."
Carrie Jackson
Best cleanser I've tried
"I had no idea this was an oil when I ordered it, but it has changed my skincare regime forever. The oil is so silky it's a pleasure to massage it in and the cloth exfoliates as you take it off. Finishing with a splash of rose water and the skin boosting serum it's definitely improving the quality of my skin."
Clare Whitlock
The one I've been looking for.
"I've been looking for an oil to replace a Pukka one when they stopped doing skincare. I've been through a lot of different oils, some two or three times the price of this one. A good dose at night really plumps the skin. My forehead looks less fettered, people have noticed the difference "radiant" they say. I hope this one stays around."
Clare Whitlock
Super cleaning cleanser
"Another roof raising product! This cleanser is so pure, my skin is amazing since using this. Used morning and night, I now have skin that has never felt so clean and soft but looks radiant, I feel so confident & happy, can a cleanser do that? oh yes! Other products sell you the image, this one delivers! Totally free from nasty chemicals, feed your skin with organic, natural & pure goodness, because you are definitely worth it!! I love it!!!"
Superfood balm
"This is simply the best product out there, packed with organic natural goodness, it cares for your skin from the outside. It does everything it says and more. I've ditch three products and replaced them with this one and I've only had it four days! The difference in that time is amazing, my skin is soft and hydrated. Knowing it's so natural I use it all the time it's so nourishing & Love the scent too! It goes everywhere with me! Thankyou Rachael!!"
Fabulous cleaner
"I love this cleaner, it's like a mini facial, I massage mine in, then use the cloth with warm water to remove my make up, then I repeat again, the cloth acts like a gentle exfoliater. I finish with The Myroo skin boosting serum. I also use it in my facials. Lovely"
Sharon hart
Amazing super food balm
"I have just purchased this product, I am a beauty therapist & make up artist, I have used this in one of my facials, lovely to work with & it truly feeds yours skin. I also use it as a night cream, great for dry, dehydrated skin. Fabulous!!"
Sharon hart
Fantastic serum
"This is a wonderful serum, which not only smells Devine but leaves the skin soft, smooth & hydrated. I use a couple of drops & rub it into my hands then press it into my face over my make up to revive my skin if it is feeling tired. Highly recommended."
Sharon hart
One Of My Favourite Cleansers
"I have been so impressed with this cleansing oil - about to order my second bottle. Highly recommend giving this a try."
Just gorgeous!
"The smell is the 1st thing to hit you as you massage this smooth, soft, yet slightly oily cleanser into your skin....It takes you away to romantic spa treatments in some exotic place. Although the cleanser is oil based it sinks straight into your skin & doesn't leave it feeling greasy as you may expect. The accompanying cloth is a clever idea & can be washed & used over & over."
Sarah Samuels
My new holy grail cleanser!
"I love this cleanser! I am on to my second bottle and will be buying a third! I love the way my skin feels after using this. Highly recommend."
Carrie Jackson
Starflower & Orange Blossom Cleanser
"As a beauty blogger I have tried and tested many cleansers for my mature skin. This has made it on to my current favourites list! Will definitely buy again."
Carrie Jackson
Geranium hand cream
"I use the hand cream every night when I go to bed doing this keeps my medical problem completely under control. My physiotherapist is delighted. So thank you and by the way it is cost effective a jar lasts ages and it smells so beautiful too."
Sheilah Turner
A brilliant product
"This brilliant serum is light, not at all greasy, long-lasting and leaves your skin looking and feeling great. Love it."
Karen Tinkler
Amazing little beauty
"I use this gorgeous serum instead of night cream as I don't like the feel of claggy cream in my face at night. This serum is light and absorbs quickly and has a lovely, delicate fragrance like a spa! I also use it on days my skin needs a little boost under my usual moisturiser - I just use less. My Mum, also a fan, said it is like having a little facial every time you use it!"
"Love this product. One of my favourites."