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Top Tips for Beautiful Hands

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hand cream Our hands can really take a bashing and are often the first give away of the signs of ageing. Hand care is important whatever the season. In winter the cold and central heating can dry the delicate skin out, in summer hot weather can irritate and over exposure to the sun can cause irrepairable damage.

Apply hand cream regularly to protect the delicate, thin skin on your hands. Keep a pot by the sink, on your desk and in your bag so you remember to apply it frequently. For really sore dry hands, slather in hand cream last thing at night and the cream will do its thing while you sleep.

Cotton gloves will help the cream absorb and protect your bed linen. Wear gloves; rubber gloves to protect from household chores, gardening gloves and weather appropriate gloves when out and about. This will help protect your hands and make the job of keeping them in great condition so much easier.  

A hand massage can help circulation and relieve tension and if you use a hand cream while doing it, will nourish and soothe dry skin too. Myroo award-winning Geranium Hand Treat is rich in omega oils and vitamin e and is formulated to soothe dry skin and help soften, soothe and regenerate the skin on your hands. Use as a daily hand cream and apply extra as an overnight intensive treat.



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