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Singing The Praises of Geranium Essential Oil

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geranium leaves

We are very proud that myroo products are entirely naturally fragranced, using nothing but the finest quality essential oils. We never hide behind the catch-all ‘parfum’ on our labels, so you know exactly what you’re getting in each and everyone of my products. The beautiful smells combined with the wonderful benefits these natural oils provide just cannot be matched by synthetic scents and lab created copies.

So we'd share with you some of the essential oils used in myroo products and the reasons for choosing them. And first up is geranium oil.... Geranium essential oil is one of our favourites, for its versatility and beautiful scent, either on its own or in a blend. Firstly, put out of mind images of those brightly coloured flowers in your Grandma’s window box. Geranium oil comes from another species (Pelargonium Graveolens) and the whole plant is fragrant and used to extract the oil. The oil used in myroo products is from Egypt and is steam distilled.

The smell is strong, sweet and heady, wonderful rosy notes balanced with hints of citrus and mint. Geranium oil is great for the circulation and is balancing, so is suitable for dry, combination or oily skin types. It is great for brightening skin and boosting your complexion.

Like all essential oils it is antiseptic, but amongst other things it is also mood-lifting (antidepressant), anti-inflammatory and astringent. It is great for de-toxing and lifting the mood. Use it when you’re feeling low, your skin needs a boost, you’re full of aches and pains or when your hormones are a little out of check. Myroo award-winning hand treat is also fragranced with geranium, chosen to help boost and regenerate dull, dry skin and to give a hand when your circulation is sludgy.

Geranium oil can help with dermatitis, eczema and sensitive skin and it helps fade scars and other blemishes, all great reasons to include it in a hand cream. We’d love to know your thoughts? What are your favourite oils? Have you tried any myroo products with geranium in? What did you think. I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment.


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