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SuncreamOk, so none of this is rocket science and most of you will have heard it before, but with 2-long weekends coming up and gorgeous weather forecast, I figured no harm in a quick reminder.
  • Always wear an SPF, personally I use Factor 50, sun exposure is one of the biggest contributors to skin damage, not worth the risk.
  • Burnt skin is never a good look and it’s your skin’s defence against over exposure to UV, a sure sign you’ve overdone it.
  • Watch out for cooling breezes, they can trick you into thinking you’re not going to burn.
  • Work the vintage look and wear a wide brimmed hat, looks fab and gives further protection to the delicate skin on your face.
  • Stay out of the sun when it’s at its hottest, 12.00-2.00.
  • Drink plenty of water and seek shade before you’ve overdone it.
  • After spending time in the sun, cool your skin with a shower. This will also wash off the sunscreen, which is essential but not the most natural product to be slathering on.
If you’ve followed the rules your skin won’t be sore so a scrub with Myroo’s Mint Tea Polishing Scrub, will leave you clean, refreshed and soft. For extra skin nourishment follow up with Myroo’s Body Butter. This has the added benefit of leaving smooth skin ready for fake-tan to be applied. One time when faking it is best. Follow these simple rules and you should be able to enjoy the 2 long weekends skin-safe. Happy Holidays from Myroo! If you do over-do it, always seek medical advice.

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