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Parabens - new research

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New research has been published by the team at Reading University, headed by Dr Philippa Darbre1 which is reigniting the debate over the safety of parabens.

Newspapers are already covering the story warning their readers of possible risks; The team analysed cancerous breast tissue from 40 women and found quantifiable paraben esters in 99% of tissue samples. In 60% of samples all 5 varieties of paraben ester were found 2. Dr Darbre said the presence of parabens in cancerous breast tissue samples did not necessarily mean they had actually caused the women's cancer but has called for further investigation into the use of parabens 3.

It is a controversial issue and I have blogged about parabens before. You can read the blog post here.

Again I leave it to you to read the evidence and make your decision about the risks. If you do want to avoid parabens or reduce your exposure then the whole Myroo range is completely paraben free and always will be.

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