Skin Care Trends – Facial Oils

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More and more people are enjoying the benefits of using facial oils and cleansers on their skin. Perhaps surprisingly, facial oils are ideal for all skin types, not just dry skin. People with oily skin may be worried about blocking pores or increased oiliness. In fact the opposite is true. Facial oils can balance sebum production, look for products containing jojoba which mimics the skin’s sebum and helps balance dry and oily skin. For really dry skin, use your facial oil on slightly damp skin for an extra moisture boost. 

Applying oil to the skin is nothing new. The Ancient Egyptians used olive oil to soften and nourish their skin. However modern facial oils have developed and are nothing like the heavy, greasy products of the past. The best products use a careful blends of plant oils and extracts to deliver optimum performance, nourishing, balancing and softening skin.

Your facial oil should have a blend of ingredients that deliver total nutrition for your skin in the form of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.  Avoid petrochemical based oils that can block pores and look for an oil packed with natural ingredients, like Myroo’s Skin Boost Facial Serum which is made from 100% plant-based oils and is light and easily absorbed - ideal to help boost skin and combat the wear and tear of daily life. Used regularly facial oils can really improve the look of your skin.


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