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Well, I've neglected my poor blog for a while. I've had a good excuse though, it's been really busy at Myroo HQ. I've been working hard on perfecting my new soap range and am delighted that they are now added to the site. They are traditionally made soap, containing only the finest natural ingredients. They are mild and gentle to use and super moisturising. If you've only tried mass produced commercial soaps then you are missing a treat.

Myroo Bath Fizz, Scoop and Floral SoapMyroo Chocolate & Mint Products


Take a look at the full range on the site now. Also added to the Myroo family is my new feminine and sensual  Bath & Body Oil. I've been selling this at fairs for a while and it's been well received, so it's long overdue to introduce to my online customers. I hope you love it as much as I do. I've spent a lot of time revising and improving all my packaging. I'm delighted with the finished look, I think it really represents Myroo well. Everything is now packaged in clear bottles and jars, so you can see the product inside. Clarity is a key part of the Myroo branding, being open and honest with our customers. So the transparent packaging feels appropriate. Finally, I've had some amazing new photography taken to show off my products in their best light. I'm really pleased with them. I'd love to hear what you think. I'll promise to try and be a better blogger and post again soon. Rachael x


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