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5 Beauty Bloggers you should follow

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 Blogging is nothing new, it's been round a good while now.In fact there are now so many blogs that it can be a challenge to find really good quality, engaging blogs that are regularly updated and cover topics you are interested in.


With that in mind I've complied a list of 5 beauty bloggers that we really enjoy and think you will too......

Beauty Shortlist Top of the list has to be Fiona Klonarides and her fabulous industry and punter respected blog. Beauty Shortlist is mainly focussed on natural and organic skincare and has a strong ethical slant too. Well written and with regular updates there’s always something to peruse over a cuppa. The annual Beauty Shortlist awards are a highlight for natural beauty brands and consumers alike and Myroo was delighted to win a special mention award for our serum in the 2013 awards.

British Beauty Blogger British Beauty Blogger is a high profile and well known blog, frequently featuring on Best Blog lists. Jane Cunningham is an experienced beauty writer on and off line and the author of this comprehensive and knowledgeable blog. BBB is all about variety, covering reviews and news for all the big brands but Jane is also a big supporter of independent skincare brands too. Her reviews are always honest and informative. Oh and if you fancy a break from the beauty then there is a book review section on the site too.

The Beauty Brains Beauty Brains is slightly different from the other blogs on this list. It’s written by a team of writers, but the main difference is the scientific angle of the site. Reviews of products dig into the ingredients listings to help you understand the science and efficacy of a product. The site can be a little advertising heavy but if you can overlook that and you really want to understand more about how skincare is made and how it works (or doesn’t) then this is the site for you.

Beauty Balm Sandra has reviewed Myroo more than once, so we’re a bit biased, but she is obviously passionate about beauty and skincare and it shows through her lovely and personal blog. She blogs lots so there’s usually something new to read and she’s happy to chat on Twitter too. She features lots of niche and independent brands as well as the usual suspects and she’s a big supporter of other bloggers too.

Sugarpuffish Not just a beauty blog, Sarah suffers from multiple allergies and intolerances, including eczema. She covers all manner of subjects with a strong focus on free from beauty and skincare. She also includes some free from foodie posts. Strongly anti-greenwashing she is a big fan of smaller skincare brands who are upfront about what is in their products. She might just have reviewed Myroo as well!

So, next time you have 5 mins to spare or if you are a regular reader of blogs looking for something new then we recommend you start with these 5 super bloggers. Let me know what you think. Rachael x


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