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Simple Tips For Rosacea

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I had a great time at Country Living Christmas Fair, Harrogate. I love to meet customers face-to-face and as usual there were lots of questions about caring for skin. One problem that was mentioned a few times was rosacea. I was saddened to hear that another stall at the fair was selling a moisturiser as a 'cure' for rosacea.

There is no known cure for rosacea at present and a cream certainly won't fix it. It's really unfair to take advantage of people's insecurities with false promises but there are some tips that may help control symptoms. I shared them with customers at the fair, so I thought I'd share them here too. Rosacea is a common skin condition.

Symptoms include flushing, redness and high colour, typically on the cheeks but sometimes more widespread. Broken veins often occur and spots similar to acne may appear. In severe cases there may be some thickening of the skin. Soreness and sensitivity of the skin are common side effects.

1. Watch what you eat and drink Spicy food, alcohol, caffeine and hot drinks are all common triggers for a flare up. Look out for food and drink that may cause you problems too, like citrus, wheat and dairy. Try to plan your diet carefully, use herbs for flavour, drink alcohol diluted and avoid tea and coffee. Drink plenty of water too.

2. Be weather wise Extremes of temperature and weather are also culprits for increasing rosacea symptoms. On cold, windy days try to cover your face with a scarf and no matter what the weather wear an SPF. On hot days use a natural alcohol-free spritzer to keep skin cool.

3. Use gentle skincare Hot water, alcohol and detergents can all irritate rosacea. Try to use natural, plant based products. You should avoid astringents and don't overload your skin with multiple products. Cleansing regularly is important to try and control the pimples that can occur along with rosacea redness. Our cleanser is 100% natural and nourishes sensitive skin without stripping, use the cloth with tepid water. Feed your skin too, our serum gives skin a boost and contains healing rosehip oil. Both products also contain Orange Blossom Essential Oil which can help with the thread veins and inflammation that often accompany rosacea.

4. Don't get hot and bothered Getting stressed, overheating through exercise and hot baths can all bring on a rosacea flush. Try to keep cool and calm whatever you are up to. I hope you find these simple ideas useful. I'd love to hear any of your own. Rachael x

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