Methylisothiazolinone - What you need to know

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There has been a lot in the press over recent months about a synthetic ingredient used in many cosmetics. Over the summer British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) released new research linking a common preservative to an “epidemic” of contact dermatitis.

The ingredient, Methylisothiazolinone (MI), is used in many products to inhibit bacterial growth and extend the shelf life of products. In their findings, released in July, BAD stated “It is the presence (of MI) in personal care products that are causing most concern, for example moist tissue wipes, cleansers, shower gels, deodorants, shaving foam.” BAD also called for the use of the ingredient to be re-evaluated. 

The European Society for Contact Dermatitis also wrote to the EU earlier this year raising concerns about the increasing incidence of contact allergy to this preservative. It is widely expected that regulatory action will be taken to reduce the use of MI in cosmetics.  However, the ingredient has hit the headlines again in the last few weeks as Cosmetics Europe, the European cosmetics trade association, has recommend its members remove MI from existing products that are designed to be left on the skin.

Cosmetics Europe called for manufacturers to take action as soon as possible. Reformulating will of course take time. In the meantime if you want to avoid this ingredient then always check your labels or use a database such as to check contents. You might want to consider the precautionary principle when buying skincare.

If there is doubt about the safety of an ingredient, then just avoid products that contain it. We subscribe to that theory when formulating our range, in fact Myroo skincare is 100% natural and so uses no synthetic ingredients at all, just lots of lovely plant based, skin loving, ingredients.

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