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There's been a bit of a media storm in the last 24 hours about the rather austere daily menu of Karen Rosen, a juicing company owner and author. There's no doubt her menu is challenging, to say the least. Not one I could survive on. I've spoken before on my blog about the close link with good nutrition, overall health and skin health.

Healthy eating is something I aim for and I try and sneak healthy extras in without anyone noticing, chia seed in my baking, coconut oil for cooking, that sort of thing. I'm realistic though and use the 80:20 rule to allow for perceived 'treats', nothing is banned - yes, we eat crisps and sweets sometimes. I shop locally and try to cook most things from scratch, partly because I enjoy it but also because I believe it's healthier. My daughter has a gluten free diet and I also have a wheat intolerance and a nut allergy so it's easier to know what goes into our food if I'm in charge.Much like my skincare!

So, this is a little snapshot of how we eat on an average weekday. We drink plenty of water too. My Day On A Plate

7.00am – Cup of tea in bed, usually with a small child for company. Then shower and dress.

7.30 – Make breakfast for the children, we’ve just started making green smoothies so I’ll have one with the girls if it’s a smoothie day. Then school run.....

9.00 – Breakfast at my desk, a repeat of whatever the children have eaten. Cinnamon, raisin and pumpkin seed porridge, eggs in some form, buckwheat pancakes with fruit and yoghurt or gluten free toast (I’ve just discovered sunflower seed butter as a nut free topping, yum!).

1.00 – I usually last until lunch without a mid morning snack, but several cups of tea. Lunch is something like homemade soup with a sandwich, a jacket potato or eggs (if I’ve not had them for breakfast) always with veg or salad. I always have a huge glass of water with lunch and often fruit.

3.30 – School run. We’re all hungry at this time so we have a snack together – cheese and gluten free crackers, fresh popcorn, fruit or veg sticks, sometimes there might be baking.

Tea time – Hubby usually works late in the week, so it’s often separate meals. I try to cook one thing that we can reheat later. Family tea is 6.30 if we can, otherwise us grown ups eat at 8ish. Veggie stews, brown rice pasta and homemade sauce, hashes, curries and noodle dishes are all favourites. Pudding if we have anything is usually fruit.

There you have it. Not rocket science I don't think. Hearty, wholesome and nourishing. Just what our bodies and our skin needs.

What does your food day look like? Rachael x


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