5 Reasons Exercise Is Great For Your Skin

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I’m currently in training for a 40 mile walk through all six beautiful Yorkshire Dales. I’ll be doing the walk with my lovely Dad to celebrate my 40th birthday. Later in the year we hope to walk 70 miles for his 70th birthday. I’m really enjoying the increased levels of fitness and spending time in the lovely countryside that’s on Myroo HQ’s doorstep.

Yorkshire Dales

The positive effects of exercise on our bodies and overall health are well documented but I thought I’d share a few reasons why regular exercise is fantastic for our skin too. Simply put, healthy is beautiful. A happy body and mind shows on the outside too. Regular exercise is one of the keys to good health, anything that gets your blood pumping is going to benefit your skin health too.

  1. Better Skin Tone Exercise that results in stronger more toned muscles will provide better base support to your skin, giving a healthier, smoother look.
  2. Happy Lymph Nodes Regular exercise means a happy lymphatic system. Have you’ve ever experienced swollen feet from being sat on a plane? That’s because when you are sat still your lymphatic system can’t work as well. The more you move the better your lymphatic system works at helping get waste out of your system meaning reduced bloat, lower water retention and less puffiness.
  3. Improved Circulation Exercise gets the blood moving all round your body. Our skin benefits from oxygen and lots of nutrients, great for a clearer, glowing complexion. That glow you get after a good workout is a sign that your skin is getting all those wonderful benefits.
  4. Increased Collagen Levels Collagen is a  protein in the human body. It’s rather important as it holds your body together! It’s found throughout our bodies and of course in our skin; it’s what keeps our skin tight and smooth. With age collagen production naturally decreases but exercise can help promote collagen production resulting in happier, smoother skin. 
  5. Better Sleep Regular exercise can help your body to effectively regulate cortisol (the stress-hormone) levels. Lower stress means better sleep which is great for overall health and fantastic for your skin leaving it looking fresh, glowing and free from dark circles. So, there you have it. Aren't our bodies amazing! What’s your preferred way to get your blood pumping and your skin glowing? I love to hear your comments as always. Look out for another post soon with tips to look after your skin as you exercise. Rachael x

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