2018 - Myroo Year of Kindness

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If you follow us over on social media, you may have seen us mention the Myroo Year of Kindness, so we thought it was about time we told you all exactly what it's all about!

Here at Myroo kindness is always at the forefront of everything we do, from the ingredients in our products, to the bottles they are placed in, the fact we are Vegan and Cruelty Free, all the way through the way we talk about ourselves and others. 

That's been our mantra since day one, but we decided 2018 is the year that we take it one step further and bring other wonderful people into the Myroo family, people who also value the power of kindness. 

We're starting close at home with some incredible women in Harrogate, where we are based. They include Lyndsay who owns Fit Harrogate who's guest blog will be going live on Thursday, in it she shares the power of exercise and how it's a fantastic way to be kind to yourself, not to mention how important wearing the right clothes for the job!

First up though it's only right that Rachael, Myroo founder, shares what kindness means to her...

1. What is the kindest thing you do for yourself?

Make time for yourself. There's a reason airlines tell you to put on your own mask in an emergency and then help others. Without your health and wellbeing you won't have the resources to be kind to others. It's hard modern life is busy, and busy-ness seems to be worn like a badge of honour at times but it's important to start the kindness close to home.

2. What one thing could we all do to be kinder to others?

Evidence shows that being kind to others makes us happier too, so double the reasons to be nice. A kind word costs nothing and takes little time but can make a difference. Tell a friend you're thinking of them, mention to a stranger you like their shoes, wish the cashier a lovely weekend. It's an easy thing to do but can give the recipient a boost and alter their mood for the day.

3. How can we be kinder to the planet?

It can be frustrating in the face of mass consumerism, it's tempting to think you can't make a difference on your own. You can though, one person, becomes ten, becomes a town and so on. Check out the #stopsucking campaign that's aiming to stop the use of plastic straws, it's snowballing. Also the number of coffee chains offering big discounts on your chai latte if you bring your own reusable cup is rising fast. These are consumer lead campaigns. 

Simple changes you can make? Don't buy bottled water, switch to bamboo toothbrushes, don't use straws and always take a reusable bag. 

We would love you to get involved with the Myroo Year of Kindness so be sure to tweet us using #MyrooYearOfKindness and let us know how you are kind to yourself and others, and how you are doing your bit to be kinder to the planet. 

We're planning on hosting event throughout the year, so if you would like to be involved, or know someone who would, be sure to get in touch with Rachael

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