5 Quick and Easy Autumn Skincare Tips

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We are huge fans of Autumn here at Myroo HQ. We all know that a change in season often needs a slight shift in our skincare regime, but where to start? To avoid overwhelm we've got 5 easy tips for you.

1 - Go easy on the central heating

It's tempting as the night's draw in and evenings get cooler to make home super cosy. Avoid dehydrated skin (and save the planet!) by laying off the thermostat and snuggling up in cosy jumpers, super soft blankets and fluffy socks instead. It's much more instagramable too!

2 - Keep going with the SPF

The sun may not be blazing anymore and long days on the beach may be a distant memory but while UVB levels drop UVA is still present and can cause deep, long term damage to skin. So keep slathering the sun cream on right through the colder months.

3 - Introduce rosehip oil into your regime

Rosehip is a powerhouse of a plant oil. It's super nourishing, packed full of vitamins, minerals and omegas. It's great for preventing or soothing dry, dehydrated skin. Get ahead of the game, before the thermometer dips and your skin will thank you. Try our Skin Boost Serum which is packed full of plant goodness, including Rosehip.

4 - Use a natural lip balm

Side step chapped, cracked lips by using a natural, petrochemical free, lip balm. Prevention is better than cure so get going now for smooth, kissable lips into the party season and beyond. Our Lip Balm is packed with jojoba oil which acts like the skin's natural sebum to nourish your lips.

5 - Mask, mask, mask

Masking is having a moment and with good reason. It's a great addition to your regular regime and a great chance to relax. Add a mask once or twice a week and you'll see the benefits. It doesn't need to be complicated either, a mashed avocado is a quick and easy treat for dry skin or try mashed strawberries for oilier complexions.

Let us know your favourite autumn skincare tips too. We love hearing from you.


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