5 Quick Tips To Help Dry Hands

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We've had lots of people telling us how dry their hands are at the moment. Frequent hand washing and the awful weather can certainly take their toll.

If you suffer from eczema or contact dermatitis and your skin is broken, cracked or sore, then speak to a doctor. Damaged skin is more prone to infection and you may need more serious intervention to get things sorted.

If your hands are feeling dry and tight, and looking dull and dehydrated then these tips should help.

1 - Wear gloves.

Simple and easy, if you are out and about wear gloves to protect your hands from further damage from the elements.

2 - Wear gloves! We're not repeating ourselves!

We suggest wearing a pair of light cotton gloves to bed, or while relaxing in the evening. Slather on a rich, hand product and pop the gloves on. It's like an intensive mask treatment for your digits! Our Geranium Hand Treat is perfect and super nourishing with avocado butter and grapeseed oil.


3 - Switch to fragrance-free products.

If your skin is feeling itchy and tight then fragrance won't help. Try the fragrance-free version of our Hand Treat for all the goodness and none of the scratching.

4 - Try an oat scrub.

As long as you aren't coeliac then reach for the oats.

A tablespoon mixed with warm water and massaged over your hands is a gentle exfoliant to encourage cell turnover and the beta-glucans are powerful antioxidants to help heal and soothe.

5 - Where possible avoid alcohol gel.

Soap and water are just as effective, if not more in fact, at cleaning your hands and not as harsh. And be sure to apply a moisturiser after every time of washing.

We hope these simple but easy tips help you get your hands back to feeling their best.

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