6 Of Our Favourite Dairy Alternatives

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If you have a lactose, cow's milk protein or any other type of dairy allergy, or perhaps a dairy intolerance or maybe you're moving to a more plant based diet, we hear you.

Dairy is one of the few allergies not in our family, but we are plant based so are constantly on the hunt for good dairy alternatives. 

We thought we'd share a few that we like.


Soy milk is a staple for most people avoiding dairy but if you have a soy allergy then it's not for you. We use soy milk but we also really like hemp milk and it's good to ring the changes to ensure a wide variety of nutrients. Good Hemp Unsweetened is our favourite and it's widely available and not too spendy.

Good Hemp Food


We're a nut free house so a lot of the vegan cheeses are not an option for us. We'll be honest we've tried some really nasty alternatives along the way. However we have found some that come close to the dairy based versions. These are our favourites.

Violife Original Slices

Ok, definitely not cheddar but it's good in a toastie with lots of pickle. It melts fairly well and gives the smooth, stringy hit you're looking for. Don't use it on pizza though, too claggy!

Photo by Stripd 

Violife Creamy Soft Cheese

This is great with crackers and works well in pasta dishes for creaminess.

Sainsbury's Greek Style

Bravo to Sainsbury's, they're making real efforts in their free from offerings. The vegan feta is not a bad imitation, it's great in salads and marinated with olives, herbs and chilli.

image by VeganTrix


M&S are the winners here with their Avocado Spread. It's not like butter, more like a rich spread, but it is tasty.

As an alternative and the nearest thing to dairy butter we've found, we make our own using this recipe. It really is quite buttery and great for times when you want melted butter, to pour on popcorn or brush on a bake.


I hope you find some of these suggestions useful and it goes without saying that Myroo products are dairy free. There are so many new products coming on to the market, it's hard to keep track, so we'd love to hear of any recommendations you may have. Let us know in the comments, or tweet us


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