Our Top 7 skincare mistakes to avoid

by Myroo Skincare

We're not a preachy skincare brand but we know lots of you are looking for help with skin concerns. It's what we're here for, a brand who understands what it's like to not have the skin you want.  So, we thought we'd share .....

...our top skincare don't dos......

Skipping double cleanse. 
An easy one to start with. If you have SPF and/or make up on then you should be double cleansing at the end of the day. The first cleanse to remove those from your skin, the second cleanse to actually treat your skin.  It doesn't take long but you will really reap the benefits. 

We recommend - our Superfood Balm, followed by our Gentle Cloth + Cleanser.

Not wearing daily SPF.  
This probably doesn’t need much explanation. You probably already know you should be doing this. Do it! It’s the single best thing you can do to look after your skin. All those questions about anti-aging? Daily SPF heads them off at the pass. It’s the prevent not cure approach to skincare. For more sensitive types a chemical SPF may be less irritating.

Being too harsh on your skin.
Flaky patches, breakouts, oily areas? The temptation can be to go in hard. Exfoliate, chuck all the products at it, fiddle, pick, squeeze. Instead gentle, gentle is the way to go, if you want to prevent your skin going into overdrive. Simplify your routine, choose nourishing products with balancing properties. And look for products designed to target your concern.

We recommend - our Myroo Starter Kit, for back to basics, rebalancing, nourishing skincare. And our Skin Boost Drops for specific concerns.

Sleeping with your make up on.
See also ‘double cleansing’ 👆🏽. Please, just get into the habit of cleansing. If you’ve been out late, are poorly or tired and really can’t cleanse then a wipe with a wet cloth is better than nothing. But, your skin will really thank you for a regular cleansing routine twice a day every day. 

We recommend  - our Gentle Cloth + Cleanser.

Trying to avoid products with chemicals or toxins.
You know us, here at Myroo we love a bit of plant power, that does not mean we are anti synthetics. The only synthetics we avoid are the ones known to irritate sensitive skin. That’s what we’re about after all. So, we’re all for you preferring gorgeous, gentle skincare that won’t annoy your skin. Just be aware everything is a chemical (even water) and everything can be toxic (yup, water again). It’s the dose that makes the poison as they say. Educate yourself around the language used to sell skincare and it will help you find brands who are being honest and transparent about their products. Like us!

We recommend - The Myroo Range - full of skin loving chemicals!

Expecting products to fix everything. 
We get lots of customer messages here at Myroo, wanting to know how to fix skin concerns. We love to help, so we will always give the best advice we can. We know our products work, because you tell us they do... but skincare is part of a holistic approach to having great skin. Sleep, hormones, exercise, alcohol, diet…. they all play a part too. So before you ditch a product you think isn’t working, check if another area of your life could do with a little makeover too.

Just looking after your face. 
Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. Don’t just take care of your face. Take your facial skincare routine down your neck to your decolletage. And remember to look after the rest of your skin too.  

We recommend - our lovely Rosehip Body Oil.

There you go, 7 mistakes that we think are fairly easy to avoid, but making the changes will have a real and positive impact on your skin. 

There are so many more we could include. In fact, wait! We've got a few quick mentions we can't leave out;

Don't use face wipes. They suck for your face and the environment, (we understand some emergencies make wipes necessary). Sheet face masks, we see you too.

Change your muslins and facecloths daily. Because muck, make up and bacteria.

Clean your phone. That thing is filthy and you hold it up to your face on the regular.

Wash your hands. Lots. We're all better at this these days (thanks, Covid-19), but you touch your face far more than you realise. Clean hands are always better.

What do you think. Any tips that you swear by, things you absolutely won't use on your skin? Let us know, we love to chat!