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Top 5 Fitness Holidays

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The months of January & February can be bleak. Cold, damp and short days seem to drag on for ever. A log fire, warm baths, a bit of pampering and getting out to exercise in daylight hours can help. So can getting some things in the diary to look forward to, especially a holiday.

I've talked before about the link to general health and wellbeing and glowing skin, so why not plan a fitness holiday for 2016? Natalie from Wellbeing Escapes has some great ideas.

Top 5 Fitness Holidays with a Twist from Wellbeing Escapes

One of the hot new trends in wellness travel is spa holidays with 50/50 Fitness and Treatments. Combining an even mixture of invigorating fitness activities & rejuvenating spa treatments is the way forward and what a simply wonderful way to spend your holiday...

So what are you waiting for – check out the Top 5 fitness destinations from Wellbeing Escapes and head off to find your new fitness inspiration!

Muay Thai Boxing at Phuket Cleanse, Thailand

This peaceful retreat is a little slice of island paradise set within lush gardens and a short hop from the beach. It’s a highly effective fitness and detox haven with a passionate team so you are sure to leave feeling  physically and mentally stronger. Try Muay Thai Boxing – a martial art that burns fat and focuses on body conditioning.  You’ll learn all the techniques from punching to kicking to blocking in a totally fun, group environment and will soon feel the benefits of increased stamina, agility and endurance.

 Yoga & Surfing at Paradis Plage, Morocco

Paradis Plage is the first surf, yoga and spa resort in Morocco and set directly on the beach with its own Surf House.  It’s the perfect place if you are looking to try something different with virtually-guaranteed sunshine. Sculpt your body with the varied yoga styles offered (hatha, vinyassa and yin) and learn to surf some sweet waves under the expert tuition of a former national surfing competitor!

 Core Suspend at Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Located on the idyllic tropical island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, Absolute Sanctuary takes a comprehensive holistic approach to health and can deliver truly transforming results and long-lasting benefits.
Try its Core Suspend class which combines elements of Pilates, movement, anatomy and functional training using two anchored suspension ropes and is designed for those who like a dynamic and energetic workout!  

Standup Paddleboarding at Columbia Beach Resort, Cyprus  

This luxurious, 5 star hotel is traditionally Cypriot in design and has a beautiful Blue Flag, two kilometre beach. The resort enjoys warm weather with an average of 326 sunny days annually so it’s the ideal location to try Standup Paddlboarding. Head to the warm Mediterranean sea for tuition on how to get started and then paddle off into the horizon – it’s brilliant for honing your core muscles and balance.

Nordic Walking at Oceano, Tenerife

Océano is based in a remote location on the quiet, lush north side of Tenerife, right on the coast. It’s a great place to optimise your fitness as well as try authentic Thalassotherapy. Why not try guided Nordic Walking sessions and learn the technique from an expert whilst taking in the beautiful scenery in one of the oldest forests in Europe?  Nordic Walking has so many health benefits and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels so get going!


Thanks, Natalie! I'm torn between Morroccan Yoga and Nordic Walking. Which one do you all fancy?

Rachael x



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