"Beauty Is Pain" - Is it worth it?

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I was recently described as a ‘gentle revolutionary' I quite like that, after all kindness is at the core of Myroo. Our whole ethos is about making skincare that won’t harm, damage or irritate your skin.

It got me thinking about the whole adage ‘beauty is pain’. What a strange saying? Suffering for our looks? Not worth it surely.

Waxing, high heels, curling eyelashes are all firmly entrenched in our lives, but they are not without their pain. Chemical peels, fillers and botox? More extreme, intrusive treatments designed to change the way you look, but then isn’t that what make up does too?

Perhaps you’ve reconciled these types of procedures, perhaps they’re right for you? But, then the goal posts move and now you are pressured to beautify areas of our body that we’d never even considered, Brazilian wax, designer vagina, intimate bleaching anyone? Where does it stop?

I personally find surgical procedures in pursuit of a certain look alarming but is any one treatment intrinsically worse than the other just because they involve needles and invasion? As a feminist in the beauty industry I walk a fine line. I’m also Mum to 2 young girls and am really aware of modern pressures on them to look a certain way. For example, #fitspo masquerades as a positive body image movement.

Throngs of women parade their gym honed bodies on Instagram. And why shouldn’t they? But, when it becomes another form of body shaming, women feeling bad about themselves because they don’t look a certain way that it ceases to be a cause for good. As a society we need to be better at celebrating the female form in all its glorious shapes, sizes and colours.

What do you think is acceptable in pursuit of beauty?

For me it’s every woman’s choice as to what they do with their own bodies, in pursuit of beauty, pleasure or anything else. It’s when societal pressures result in women feeling they need to look a certain why that I start to feel concerned.

The relentless pursuit of youth is unsettling, after all age is a privilege denied to so many. The identikit from of female beauty is disturbing too. Let’s celebrate our differences.

Beauty products and treatments are as old as the hills but they should I believe they should enhance our true selves and they really really shouldn’t hurt!

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