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Cleansing Your Face With Facial Oils - What You Need To Know

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The idea of cleansing your face with oil can sound a bit strange if you’ve not heard of it before. It’s far from new though, as far back as the Romans humans have been using oil to cleanse. And it makes sense, the right combination of plant-based oils can be great for protecting and nourishing your skin, while gently and effectively cleaning.

Maybe you’ve been using a foaming facial cleanser or a face wash to remove oil, dirt and debris? By using products like these, which strip the skin’s natural oils with synthetic chemicals, you can leave it unbalanced and exposed. Stripping your skin of the natural oils also means it has to work hard to replace them which can lead to dryness or an over production of sebum which can affect the skin’s appearance and have a tendency to promote outbreaks.

Skin is the largest organ of your body. It has a number of functions including protecting and maintaining the body from unwanted elements of the environments in which we live. The fatty acid lipids in the skin are meant to be there and also serve some very important purposes. These include protection, antibacterial function, reducing irritation and stopping moisture from escaping from our skin through evaporation.

The skin’s own fatty acid is called sebum, which helps keep skin supple and healthy. The sebum lipids are known as the skin’s ‘acid mantle’ and help protect against bacterial infection.   

And skin is not as simple as it might appear, something you’ll be all too aware of if you have sensitive or problem skin. The skin has 3 main layers, the epidermis (the outer layer), the dermis and the subcutaneous layer.   The epidermis is split into 5 sub layers with the stratum corneum being the outermost.

The stratum corneum allows for two-movement movement, on the one hand acting as a barrier to protect from unwanted organisms entering the skin and on the other allowing movement away from the skin for things like toxins and also absorption of moisture and nutrients.

When the skin’s barrier is impaired is can become irritated and inflamed. A balance of oils is needed to maintain skin health. To complement the oils you get from a good diet certain oils contained in skincare products applied topically can help improve skin appearance and function.

Plant based oils can be used to complement the skin’s natural oils and can help maintain the balance need for healthy skin.

So oil cleansing is great for cleaning without stripping and nourishing too, but something we hear a lot, “ should people with oily skin use facial oils to cleanse their face”? The simple answer is, yes!

Oils attract oils so using an oil to cleanse your face actually helps balance your skin’s natural moisturising factor and regulate the production of sebum. This ensures that dirt, debris and dead skin cells are removed gently and wiping the skin with a dampened muslin cloth makes it even more effective. (The warm cloth can also be left on the face as a hot press to better open up your pores as part of the cleansing process).

A lighter combination of oils, such as those used in  the Myroo Facial Serum, can then be applied to provide further protection, nourish skin and retain moisture.

Depending on your skin type you may find you need more or fewer drops of the cleansing oil to massage into your face and neck but as always with our products a little goes a long way.

Why not give it a try? Our 5* award winning Cloth & Cleanser is simple to use and comes ready with an unbleached, organic muslin cloth. 

Oh and don’t forget, great skin comes from the inside and the outside. It’s also important to have a diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables along with lots of water to ensure the skin has all the elements it needs to for healthy appearance and function.

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