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Contact Allergy Patch Testing - Part Three

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Half way hooray! Today was the second of three hospital appointments in my quest to get to the bottom of what's causing my skin problems. And joy of joys the loathed strips were removed.

I'd had a second night of distrupted sleep and was thoroughly itchy and fed up this morning. The appointment began with the nurse removing all the tape and strips. It wasn't fun and she commented how well it had all stuck to my back. Imagine removing a large plaster and you'll get the idea, but the relief was worth it. 

Then the consultant came in to 'read' my back. I had reacted to the tape in several places (the worst patch is just off the photo below) and that was sore but he assured me that was a physical reaction from friction rather than an allergic one. It's still uncomfortable this evening, over 12 hours later.

Allergies wise there had been no reactions strong enough to declare an allergy at this stage but it can take the full 5 days for up to 30% of the chemicals to cause a reaction. Hence the need for the final reading on Friday. I remain itchy and the tape has left sticky patches that keep adhering to my clothes which is a pain but it's still more comfy without all that stuck to my back. As well as that I look like some sort of game board with all the pen marks and dots of chemicals all over me and it's no showering or bathing for 2 more days. Roll on Friday. Read Contact Allergy Patch Testing Final Part

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