Contact Allergy Patch Testing - Part Two

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Well it's day 2 of allergy patch testing here at Myroo HQ. 

You can read about day 1 here .

I'm afraid I didn't sleep very well last night. The newly applied strips are tight and uncomfortable and pull on the skin a little. I think if you sleep flat on your back you would fare better, but alas I prefer to sleep on my side. So I'm a bit tired today.

There's not much to report, except itchiness, which I suppose is to be expected. I can't decide if it's the micro pore tape or reaction to the chemicals that's causing the itch. Time will tell I suppose. This morning the strips were a little looser and so a little easier in comfort terms throughout today. I've checked them regularly to check they aren't peeling off, I'm a bit worried about them as I have no desire to repeat the process.

Slightly oddly I have some shoulder tightness, I think I'm moving in an unusual way which is throwing my biodynamics off. That combined with my inability to shower or bathe at the moment means Friday's ablutions are eagerly awaited.

Tomorrow morning I am back to hospital again. The strips will be removed, I'm hoping it's easier than taking off a plaster! Then the Consultant Dermatologist will take readings for all the chemicals and decide if I've started to react to any of them. I shall feel slightly easier with the strips off.

I shall let you know how the next stage goes. Read Contact Allergy Patch Testing - Part 3

I hope you are finding this useful. I know I would have liked something like this before I went through the process. Do let me know.


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