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Hello! I’m Lyndsay from FIT Harrogate on Cold Bath Road. FIT all started as a conversation in a coffee shop; a dream and a desire to offer something different. I wanted to create a space where people could get the right clothing for their chosen activity in a welcoming and a non-intimidating environment.

We stock a variety of clothing for all shapes and sizes with a price range to suit every pocket.

The thing with gym gear, and it’s often missed, is the psychological impact it has on our training. Scientists have named this “enclothed cognition” referring to the improvement in performance if we are wearing the right kit for the job in hand. If you feel ready and look ready, you are ready to perform the task and that applies to your job (nurses, fire officer, police officer) cleaning the house (now, I know you have cleaning clothes) and even the gym!

Whether you’re competing in a marathon or just trying to keep up with your children, your kit will either impede or improve your performance. More than just making us feel confident when we walk into a fitness environment, the clothing we choose is really important. Gone are the days of throwing on the harsh, cotton t-shirt you got from an office team-building course in 1999 that chafes your nipples and stinks like a wet Labrador. That just won’t cut it anymore and those around you will thank you for relieving their nostrils too!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve learnt what our brands do best and as active people ourselves we know what you need from your FIT kit. We have tried and tested everything, eliminating and adding things as we go. If it doesn’t work for us, chances are it won’t work for you – we do the squat and sweat tests so you don’t have to!

At FIT Harrogate we have a range of vests, tees and tanks that not only look great but are also made to keep you dry and feeling light; they’re also shrink and fade resistant. Some of our fabrics are anti-bacterial, meaning odours don’t build up in heavy sweat areas and your clothing stays fresh-smelling for longer. Lorna Jane, our Australian brand, has nailed feminine vests and tanks with style and excellent performance – they wash amazingly well and really last.

Ladies – need a pair of leggings that sweat wick, stay up and don’t show your underwear? Check out HPE Clothing – their leggings are perfect for all your high impact activities and no zips so you can double them up for yoga and pilates too.

One of the misconceptions I hear often is “print will make my legs look bigger”. On the contrary, a lot of the prints we stock actually have a magical blurring effect which can give a much smoother look to any lumps and bumps you might have - the trick is the right print onthe right leg.

Under Armour also have some great styles we can advise you on which are
really great value for money. They are going from strength to strength in terms of design and wear-ability outside of the gym too.

Gents - the new technology on the T-shirts we stock means they’re anti-chafe, sweat wicking, breathable and quick drying, plus you’ll look great. HPE’s silver technology is within the fabric, not sprayed on – this means you have a built-in, natural anti-bacterial – how cool is that!? ​

Another beneficial feature for base layers and tights is compression. It’s awesome for muscular support, alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness (the dreaded DOMS) and improving blood flow. Not only this but again, ladies – you’ll feel “held” and lifted, an absolute bonus of compression fabric. Our ranges from Skins and HPE Clothing are just the ticket.

Reflectivity is another key benefit if you are training outside but there’s no need to reach for the fluorescent green. Most of our brands now have clever reflective sections and logos to increase your visibility. The Under Armour Run collection is particularly good for adding reflectivity without compromising on style.

So, if your wardrobe is in need of an update, come and see us at FIT; we guarantee you great customer service and knowledgeable staff – we want to hear that you’re enjoying your gear and that it’s working for you.

Go get ‘em tiger!

1. What is the kindest thing you do for yourself?

This is a tricky one but I’m trying to appreciate all the little things in life that we take for granted and also to not dwell on the past. We are under such pressure today to look a certain way and I’m really having to remind myself constantly that comparing myself to others just isn’t positive or productive.

Being happy and content with the healthy body I have is the kindest thing I can do for my mental wellbeing.

2.What one thing could we all do to be kinder to others?

Never pass judgement on someone or their behaviour, you don’t know what anyone is going through or what they’re struggling with. We owned and ran a guesthouse for six years and that taught me that first impressions can be really misleading. We had people arriving in various states of stress and the next morning they would be like a different person.

Try to empathise, keep an open mind and let the little things go.

3. How can we be kinder to the planet?

Where do I start! Reduce our use of all plastics – If we aim big we’re more inclined to do more. We can all easily reduce our use of single use plastics but businesses need to get on board too and stop handing out straws and plastic containers. We need to re-use and recycle as much as possible and start seeing this as a very real problem for us and the next generation. I aim to use more locally produced brands like Myroo and buy things which are only in recyclable packaging if there is no unpackaged option.

We should all take responsibility and research the small changes that will make a big difference.

Huge thank you to Lyndsay and the whole FIT Harrogate team for being a part of the Myroo Year of Kindness.

You can find FIT Harrogate at 23 Cold Bath Rd, Harrogate HG2 0NL and also online, on Facebook, Twitter and of course our favourite Instagram for all things fitness and wellbeing! 

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