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Happy New Year & Thank You All

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As one year draws to an end and a new one opens up it is natural to reflect on what has gone before and what may be to come.

2016 has been amazing for me personally, for my little family and for Myroo Skincare.

It's been a year of massive change and growth with a funny mix of fear and excitement thrown in. I relaunched Myroo as the UK's first totally free from skincare brand. Tapping in to my own experience with allergies I wanted to provide beautiful skincare products that excluded no-one. I was confident there was a market but the response has blown me away.

Sales have been fantastic. This time last year I couldn't have dreamed that we'd be stocked in John Lewis and Anthropologie as well as lots of amazing independents and web stores. Thank you to all the buyers who put their faith in a new brand.

Personally, I left my part time job and committed to Myroo full time, a huge step away from personal financial security and a role I'd enjoyed for 5 years. If that's not brave enough for you, in the late summer my husband had the chance to take redundancy. We took the leap, and the risk this meant for our family financial security, and he joined me as a much needed Ecommerce Director. His hard work has resulted in huge growth for our web sales, with lots of you choosing to buy directly from us. It's also meant a much more equitable approach to family life and Phil and our 2 girls have loved having more time together and I have appreciated a little more balance. Thank you my family.

Personally I have battled imposter syndrome this year, it's not been easy but I have made big strides, allowing myself to believe I might actually pull this off. Winning Great British Entrepreneur at the end of the year, a high profile, well respected accolade, reminded me that others seem to think I might just do it too. Thank you to all my amazing friends, family, mentors and the Entrepreneurial Spark team who have been instrumental in my journey.

We've won lots of awards in 2016 and had some great PR. My girls think they're celebs now they've appeared on BBC News and a magazine front cover with me too. Thank you to all the awards bodies and media peeps who've helped raise Myroo's profile and build the brand.

For me the greatest thing is the comments from you, the fantastic feedback we get makes it all worthwhile. Being called the Fairy Godmother of skincare was a huge highlight. Knowing we are making a difference for so many of you with allergic, sensitive and problem skin is wonderful and seeing so many more of you just loving the products makes this probably the best job in the world. The biggest thank you is saved for you all.

So there we go, what a year! Thank you everyone for so much support and love in 2016. We wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2017 to you and all your loved ones. We're excited for the new year, there's lots in the pipeline. Stick around it's going to be fun.







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