Hello! Magazine Loves Our Brightening Drops 😍

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It's been rather an exciting week at Myroo HQ this week. 

Hello! Magazine featured us in their round up of British skincare brands.

They described us as building a reputation for plant based skincare and of course mentioned our focus on sensitive, problem and allergy prone skin.

They picked out the Skin Boost Drops as the ones to try and pictured the Brightening Blackberry for tackling dull, blotchy and irritated skin.

We are rather chuffed, we're in rather excellent company with the other brands and they compared us to other local brand NEOM, we will take that, thanks!

As a small company we are often so busy with the day to day that we forget to celebrate the successes. So, we're off to put the kettle on and take a minute to be proud.








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