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We're delighted to announce our latest stockist and a rather special one. I'll leave it to the owner to tell you more......
My name is Vanessa Cowan and I am owner and founder of Glamorous Butterfly www.glamorousbutterfly.co.uk which is a company that offers help, support and the world's most beautiful wigs and toppers.
Three years ago i was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata (patchy hair loss) and within 3 agonising months I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis (total hair loss of the scalp, face and body). Alopecia is an auto-immune skin condition. At my lowest ebb, my darkest hour. I then began to develop atopic exzema and foliculitis on over 70 percent of my body. I have to say it was the worst time of my life.
I have been searching for a totally natural, organic, fragrance free skin product since then and very recently discovered Myroo! I contacted Rachael and she very kindly sent me samples. I have to say within only one day I found a marked improvement in my stubborn eczema patches and it began to sooth and calm my foliculitis.
Most people suffering from medical hair loss such as Alopecia have linked auto-immune skin conditions, some of which are chronic. I believe the use of Myroo products will calm, soothe and have a marked improvement if not total healing of these conditions. If you are going through chemotherapy and or radiotherapy I believe you will also greatly benefit from using Myroo products. This is why Glamorous Butterfly is now an official stockist of Myroo.
Thanks so much, Vanessa. Stories like these are why we launched Myroo Skincare. We're delighted to be working with you and so glad our products are offering a solution for you.
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