Our New Porcelain Dishes - Febbie Day Collaboration

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We're over the moon with our new porcelain dishes. They have been created especially for Myroo. They're made here in Yorkshire and it was a joy going through the creative process with designer, Deborah Buckley of Febbie Day Ceramics. 

We hope you love them as much as we do.

We asked Deborah to tell us a bit about herself.

"Being a Ceramic Artist is essentially a dream come true for me, and an aspect of my life that I am immersed in now that my children are a little more grown-up!

I work exclusively in Porcelain clay - it is a light, strong and fine material which (when fired) is remarkably robust. I employ a rather unorthodox style of slip-casting which involves caressing layers of clay by hand around a mould.

Porcelain is notoriously temperamental to work with - instilling a deeper satisfaction both throughout the process and in the finished piece. I complete all artistic aspects myself, and enjoy adding curves and surface design to ensure that each piece I make is truly unique!

As an independent artist the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people in
galleries, interior design and photography, continues to excite and challenge me. I am never short of inspiration, and feel as though there are multiple lifetimes of Ceramics yet to explore!"

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