Pompholyx or Dyshidrotic Eczema - My Personal Experience

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As you will probably know, I suffer from multiple allergies. It’s why Myroo is allergen free. I understand the challenges of life with allergies and the difficulties of trying to avoid certain chemicals.

I also know that new allergies can emerge at any time. Sadly that was this Christmas for me. No, it wasn’t tinsilitis before anyone re-runs the cracker jokes!

I have developed pompholyx or dyshidrotic eczema. It started a week or so before the big day and I’m still dealing with it now.

It’s a type of eczema. I’ll be honest I’d never heard of this one before. It causes tiny blisters all over the palms of the hands, sometimes spreading and sometimes on your feet.  It’s quite alarming as the blisters can develop quickly and mine soon spread down my wrists and all over my fingers, with a mild outbreak on my feet. It is also incredibly itchy. Once the blisters die down you are left with incredibly dry, flaky skin that is still itchy.

It’s important to try and not scratch as infections are a very real risk, it’s not easy though. And, as with a lot of skin disorders, depression can occur as a result of an outbreak, it’s really unpleasant, hard to ignore and doesn’t look nice at all. I’m remaining upbeat but we have a big trade show in a month and I’m already worried about what people will think if my hands are not healed.

I’m hoping mine is one of the one off cases but I shall have to wait and see. Plenty of people suffer with this on an intermittent or ongoing basis. You can also follow my experience of what happens when you go for skin allergy patch testing.

There are several believed causes for an outbreak of pompholyx. Due to my history I am sure this is allergy related. Contact or systemic allergic reactions can trigger pompholyx. I think it could be nickel or sulphites but I’m still trying to work it out. Other causes include stress, sweating or a fungal infection.

I’ve already worked out that heat makes it worse but I’ve not got to the bottom of what makes my hands inflamed periodically. The fun of trying to identify a trigger, eh?

Mild cases can be treated with a really good emollient, I can of course recommend Myroo’s Hand Treat, which my skin has been very grateful for the last few weeks. I’m afraid steroid cream may be necessary and antihistamine can help with the itch. If you have a bad case then it’s probably time for a trip to the Doctors.

From personal experience, I would recommend avoiding the following; excessive water, which is drying, harsh chemicals and soap, extremes of heat or cold. A pair of cotton gloves can also be useful for keeping your hands protected from irritants. I’m typing this blog post slathered in Hand Treat with a pair of gloves over the top. They also stop you scratching.

Have any you suffered with this skin condition? If you have you'd like to tell me about your experiences, or share additional hints and tips then please do let me know. I'll write another blog post so we can all benefit.

In the meantime, wishing you all a healthy 2017.


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  • I feel your pain and unfortunately stressing about it makes it worse! I live in Allergiesville too and had similar on one finger then developed a rash on my lips. I eventually narrowed it down to nickel – turns out that most of the healthy food I eat (greens, oats, nuts, beans, soya, mushroom, dark chocolate etc are high in nickel!) so it’s worth looking at diet for possible triggers/exacerbaters. Good luck!

    Wonderlusting Lynda on

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