The Importance of Mindlessness, yes you read that right!

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Mindlessness. Yes, mindlessness.

Nope, not a typo.


You’ll be aware of mindfulness, it’s hard to avoid. We’re encouraged to do everything mindfully – spend time with family mindfully, eat mindfully, exercise mindfully, the list goes on and on.

Whilst mindfulness has its roots in good intentions I have a feeling, like so many trends, that it’s gone too far and perhaps even tipped into having negative results.

Sure, devoting yourself to the task in hand is a good thing. Taking time to eat a meal properly, from a plate on a table, possibly with others? Yeah, that’s a good thing.

Checking your phone while you’re supposed to be listening to your child read? Probably a bad thing.

But our obsession with filling every minute of the day with purposeful activity is problematic. We end up feeling bad for grabbing a sandwich on the run, guilty for mentally writing a shopping list during our yoga meditation, beat ourselves up for trying to multitask. It’s another modern stick to beat ourselves with.

So I’m giving you an opt out. Permission to celebrate chilling out. The dictionary defines mindless as “having no intelligent purpose, meaning, or direction”.


For me it’s the definition of true downtime, the ultimate modern luxury of frittering time when our lives are so busy. And it’s important, we have so little time to truly relax, kick back and do something ‘just because’. So, I’m challenging you to build a bit of mindlessness into your week.

How about watching a movie and reaching the bottom of the popcorn without even realising you were eating it.

Perhaps consider going for that run without your fitbit, just for the pure enjoyment of the exercise.

Maybe frittering half an hour on Instagram.

Or sitting in your car just to hear the end of the song?

All a glorious waste of time and what joy! Are you on board? I reckon your wellbeing might just thank you.

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