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The Heritage of Wellbeing in Harrogate

‘Wellbeing’ is a real buzzword at the moment. However ‘wellbeing’ isn’t new and Myroo is lucky to be based in the original spa town of Harrogate, a world famous wellbeing destination for hundreds of years.

Today we were delighted to to attend the 175th birthday celebrations of the Harrogate Pump Rooms building. We’re proud that our Founder, Rachael, has been invited to be part of the committee for the Pump Rooms Redevelopment Project, which will shape the future of this amazing piece of history. And today's birthday celebrations were a wonderful occasion and chance to officially launch the project. It's a project that combines our love of our home town with our business focus of wellbeing.

The building itself not only houses the world’s strongest sulphur well but also a fabulous collection showcasing Harrogate’s history as the original English spa.

Myroo Founder outside Harrogate Pump Rooms

A tour of the Pump Rooms offers a fascinating insight into the perceived benefits of “taking the waters”, also known as “the Harrogate cure”, including the treatment of many ailments. The sulphur waters were drunk to get rid of parasitic worms and there are reports from the time of bathing in the waters to aid skin repair.

Harrogate Sulphur Spa

Whilst the methods used to treat various conditions may have changed the desired result for people to feel well in themselves still remains as strong today as ever.

The process of feeling good has as much to do with mental wellbeing as well as physical environment which is one of the reasons why Harrogate also developed a vibrant entertainments culture, a fusion of food, the arts and retail therapy.

Defined as the maximisation of individual potential through the assessment of your physical, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental state, wellbeing is at the forefront of consumer minds and has widened the scope of our traditional definitions of ‘beauty’.

The relationship between food and beauty has become ever more apparent and our diet, emotional state and our environment can have a direct reflection of our skin health

Harrogate has a long history and association with health and well-being from the discovery of first mineral sulphur wells going back to 1571. The Tewitt Well was discovered by William Slingsby and in 1596 it is noted that Dr Timothy Bright, who was a physician to Queen Elizabeth I, named the well ‘the English Spaw’.

In 1631 another well was found and named St John’s Well or the ‘Sweet Spa’. The wells in High Harrogate were iron or chalybeate water wells. Whereas those found in Low Harrogate were sulphur wells, The Old Sulphur Well.

The arrival of the railways in 1862 meant that many more visitors could enjoy the attractions of Harrogate. In 1860 the creation of the Victoria Park Company to link High and Low Harrogate set in motion the development of the most significant buildings in the town and the shape of its layout as we know it today.

We'll keep you posted on the project as it develops.


The cover picture shows the beautiful Valley Gardens in Harrogate, created for visitors to stroll around after taking the waters.

Picture one shows Rachael outside the Pump Rooms and the second picture is of the sulphur well itself.

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  • Wow! I’d love to visit there, I love anything with an interesting history and wellbeing is very important, lots of people don’t look after themselves or do pamper sessions much.

    sarah jayne pelham on

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