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List of UK allergy services clinics

The number of people living with an allergy in the UK is on the increase with around 20 million people having a disease where allergy may be involved and up to 7 million who may require the care of a specialist allergist. According to Allergy UK there is approximately just one allergy specialist to every 700,000 allergy sufferers in the UK.

The scale of the social and economic impact on children and adults who are affected by allergies along with their families should not be underestimated. The cost alone in primary care for the NHS is estimated to be close to £1bn per year. However these costs could be mitigated with improved allergy services since much allergic disease is preventable or controllable if patients have access to specific allergy diagnosis, management and support in addition to being able to identify and avoid allergy triggers.

In addition since allergy patients are currently referred to different organ based specialists by GPs, they may end up seeing several different consultants at different clinics when what they really want is a holistic view and treatment of the allergy as a single issue. The current approach duplicates cost and is inefficient and wasteful of NHS resources.

Despite some progress on improving the services offered to allergy suffers through the health service the provision and level of care that patients receive can vary across the UK between different health trusts.

According to Royal College of Physicians (RCP) there is a geographical inequality and national shortage of doctors with allergy expertise. GPs dealing with the brunt of allergic disease have limited training and access to specialist advice.

Following calls and papers by various bodies including RCP, the National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG)  and British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the government appears to be in favour of the move towards creating  a core initial infrastructure of regional allergy centres with a minimum of 1 for each population of 5 – 7 million people in order to provide better allergy services for both adults and children.

Improving Quality in Allergy Services (IQAS) is the accreditation scheme set up in 2011 for adult allergy services in the UK. There is currently 1 NHS Trust offering an accredited allergy service and 21 NHS Trusts which are registered for the scheme and working towards accreditation.

In addition to this there is provision of some allergy services for both children and adults in most NHS Trusts as shown in the list of UK allergy services clinics table below which has links to the Trust in their relevant regions.  

 Allergy Clinic Location Accredited or Registered with Improving Quality in Allergy Services (IQAS) scheme
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Immunology Clinic Aberdeen
William Harvey Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Ashford
Horton General Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Banbury
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Paediatric Allergy Clinic Barnsley
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Foundation Trust Paediatric Allergy Clinic Basingstoke
Royal United Hospital Adult Allergy Clinic Bath
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children Paediatric Respiratory Clinic Belfast
Belfast Health and Social Care Trust Regional Immunology Service Belfast Registered
The Ulster Hospital Paediatric Asthma and Allergy Clinic Belfast
Birmingham Chest Clinic Birmingham
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust West Midlands Allergy and Immunodeficiency Centre Birmingham Accredited
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Immunology Department Birmingham Registered
Good Hope Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Birmingham
University Hospitals Birmingham Birmingham
Royal Bournemouth Hospital Bournemouth Adult Allergy Clinic Bournemouth
Royal Sussex County Hospital Brighton NHS Allergy Clinic Brighton
North Bristol NHS Trust Clinical Immunology & Allergy Bristol Registered
Southmead Hospital Bristol
West Suffolk Hospital Paediatric Allergy Eczema and Asthma Clinics Bury St Edmunds
Addenbrookes Hospital Allergy Clinic Cambridge
University Hospital of Wales Allergy Clinic Cardiff Registered
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Cardiff Registered
Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust Department of Immunology Carshalton Registered
Broomfield Hospital Allergy Clinic Chelmsford
St Peter's Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Chertsey
Countess of Chester NHS Trust Paediatric Allergy Clinic Chester
St Richards Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Chichester
Colchester General Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Colchester
Castle Hill Hospital East Yorkshire Adult Immunology and Allergy Service Cottingham
University Hospital Children's Allergy Clinic Coventry
Darlington Memorial Hospital Darlington
Royal Derby Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Derbyshire Children's Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Derby
Altnagelvin Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Derry
Buckland Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Dover
Hermitage Medical Clinic Allergy Clinic Dublin
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust Immunology Department Dudley Registered
Russells Hall Hospital Immunology Clinic Dudley
University Hospital North Durham Asthma and Allergy Clinic Durham
Eastbourne District General Hospital East Sussex Allergy Service Eastbourne
Royal Hospital for Sick Children Lothian Paediatric Allergy Clinic Edinburgh
Royal Infirmary Edinburgh Allergy Clinic Edinburgh
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust Exeter
Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy Paediatric Allergy Clinic Fife
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust Clinical Immunology and Allergy Frimley Registered
Medway Maritime Hospital Medway Allergy Service Gillingham
Royal Surrey County Hospital Allergy Clinic Guildford
Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust Paediatric allergy clinic Harlow
Harrogate District Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Harrogate
Northwick Park and St Marys Hospital Paediatric Food Allergy Clinic Harrow
Hemel Hempstead Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Hemel Hempstead
Barnet Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Hertfordshire
West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust Depart of Respiratory Medicine Hertfordshire Registered
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Regional Adult Immunology and Allergy Unit Hull Registered
Hull Royal Infirmary East Yorkshire Paediatric Immunology and Allergy Service Hull
Hinchingbrooke Hospital Hinchingbrooke Allergy Clinic Huntingdon
Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust Allergy Skin Prick Testing Clinic Ipswich
St Mary's Hospital The David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research Centre Isle of Wight
West Middlesex University Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Isleworth
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Paediatric Allergy Clinic Keighley
Kettering General Hospital Paediatric Asthma and Allergy Clinic Kettering
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Paediatric allergy Clinic Kingslynn
Leeds General Infirmary Children's Allergy Clinic Leeds
Leeds General Infirmary Dermatitis Investigation Clinic Leeds
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Leeds Leeds Registered
St James's University Hospital General Adult Allergy clinic Leeds
Glenfield Hospital Allergy Clinic Leicester
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust Leicester Allergy Service Leicester Registered
Leicester Royal Infirmary Food Allergy Clinic Leicester
Leicester Royal Infirmary Leicester Children's Allergy Service Leicester
Lincoln County Hospital Allergy Clinic Lincoln
Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust Allergy Clinic Liverpool
Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Allergy Clinic Liverpool
Children's Hospital for Wales and Llandough Hospitals Paediatric Allergy Service Llandough
Barts and the London Hospital Allergy Clinic London
Guy's Hospital Allergy Clinic London
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Department of allergy London Registered
Kings College Hospital Allergy Clinic London
Kings College Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic London
Mount Vernon Hospital Adult Allergy Clinic London
North Middlesex University Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic London
Royal Brompton Hospital Asthma and Allergy Clinic London
Royal Free Hospital Children's Allergy Clinic London
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust London Registered
Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital Allergy Clinic London Registered
St Georges Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic London
St Marys Hospital Frankland Allergy Clinic London
St Marys Hospital Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust Paediatric Allergy Clinic London
St Thomas' Hospital Children's Allergy Service London
University Hospital Lewisham Paediatric Allergy Clinic London
Whittington Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic London
Luton and Dunstable Hospital General Paediatric, Dermatology and ENT allergy clinic Luton
Macclesfield District General Hospital Paediatric Allergy Macclesfield
Mid-Ulster Hospital Northern HSCT Childrens Allergy Clinic Magherafelt
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Manchester Royal Infirmary Immunology Department Manchester Registered
North Manchester General Hospital General Paediatric Clinic Manchester
Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Allergy Clinic Manchester
UHSM Allergy Centre Manchester
Chase Farm Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Middlesex
Ealing Hospital NHS Trust Paediatric Allergy Clinic Middlesex
Nevill Hall Hospital Allergy Clinic Monmouthshire
Craigavon Hospital Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy Service N Ireland
Royal Victoria Infirmary Paediatric Allergy Clinic Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Royal Victoria Infirmary Regional Department Of Immunology and Allergy Newcastle upon Tyne Registered
James Paget University Hospital One Stop Paediatric Allergy Clinic Norfolk
North Tyneside General Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic North Shields
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Allergy clinic Norwich
Nottingham Childrens Hospitals Paediatric Allergy Clinic Nottingham Registered
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Clinical Immunology and Allergy Department Nottingham Registered
Ormskirk and District General Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Ormskirk
Churchill and John Radcliffe Hospitals Adult and Paediatric Allergy Clinic Oxford Registered
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Oxford Registered
Peterborough NHS Trust Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Peterborough
Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust Peninsula specialist Immunology and Allergy service Plymouth Registered
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Lancashire and South Cumbria Allergy and Clinical Immunology Service Preston Registered
Alexandra Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Redditch
Glan Clwyd Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Rhyl
Hope Hospital Chest Clinic Salford
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Clinical Immunology department Salford Registered
Scunthorpe General Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Scunthorpe
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit Sheffield Registered
Sheffield Children's Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Sheffield
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Shrewsbury
Solihull Hospital, Solihull Paediatric Allergy Clinic Solihull
Palmer Hospital Asthma and Allergy Clinic South Shields
Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust Southampton
Lister Hospital Childrens Allergy Clinic Stevenage
University Hospital North Staffordshire Paediatric Allergy clinic Stoke on Trent
University Hospital North Midlands Allergy and Immunology Stoke on Trent Registered
Sunderland Royal Hospital Paediatric Allergy Service Sunderland
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Sutton-in-Ashfield
Singleton Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Swansea
Hillingdon Hospital Great Missenden Allergy clinic Uxbridge
Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust Childrens Allergy Clinic Uxbridge
Warrington General Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Warrington
New Cross Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Wolverhampton
Worcester Royal Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Worcester
Worthing Hospital Paediatric Allergy Clinic Worthing
York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Paediatric Allergy Clinic York