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Nut Free Skincare

Living with a nut or tree nut allergy can be difficult and in some cases life threatening. Increasingly a number of those affected want to ensure that different forms of nut are not present not only in the foods they consume but also in the topical products they apply to their skin.

Although the overall risk from the nut oils used in skincare may be low, the demand for nut free skincare appears to be on the increase and more brands are improving their ingredients and their labelling to make it easier for those with a nut or tree nut allergy to see exactly what is and isn’t in their nut free skincare products.

And in addition to peanuts these concerns also extend to ingredients which could be derived from tree nuts to which they may also be allergic. Although the nut oils in skincare products are likely to have been refined,  just to be safe more people with a nut allergy are choosing to go to the nut free skincare route to eliminate all nut derived ingredients from any products they consume or use.

Whilst a person who has an allergy to nuts may not also automatically be allergic to a nut oil used in a product, taking a risk that any remaining protein in the nut oil won’t cause an allergic reaction is too great for some. The advice is always to read product labels carefully and consult a health professional.

Cosmetic products sold in the EU must have a complete list of ingredients in a standardised format called INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

The INCI names for the more common nuts and tree nuts include

  • Almond, bitter – Prunus amara
  • Almond, sweet  - Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis
  • Brazil nut – Bertholletia excelsa
  • Cashew – Anacardium occidentale
  • Hazelnut – Corylus rostrata/americana/avellana
  • Macadamia nut  – Macadamia ternifolia
  • Peanut – Arachis hypogaea
  • Pistachio – Pistacia vera
  • Walnut – Juglans regia/nigra

Coconut, Water chestnut, Nutmeg and Mace are not considered tree nuts.  

It is also worth considering argan oil which is extracted from the almond-like nuts of the argan tree. Argan nut is classified as a tree nut and if used in products cold pressed and not highly refined may cause issues for someone with a tree nut allergy potentially producing red, itchy skin.

All Myroo Skincare products are natural, organic, vegan and 100% plant based, free from gluten, nut and dairy. In fact our products are free from all 14 food allergens and we offer a fragrance free version of every product that is free from all 26 cosmetic allergens.