Our ingredients

Our natural skincare ingredients

We use only the finest, natural skincare ingredients in our products. Each ingredient is carefully selected to optimise the performance of our products, so although our skincare ingredients lists are small the benefits to your skin are not. We use a few key ingredients across our range;

Shea Butter

We love shea butter, we think it’s a bit of a miracle ingredient. It has so many wonderful properties, deeply moisturising, nourishing and healing. Shea is a wonderful ingredient in skincare for sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin and even skin with conditions like stretch marks, eczema and psoriasis. It even has low levels of naturally occuring UV filters. Couldn’t ask for much more really and we cram it into most of our natural skincare products. If you really insist on asking for more then our shea is also fairly traded and organic. Check out our blog post all about shea butter.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is used by a lot of cosmetic manufacturers and with good reason. It’s a great moisturiser and it’s really easily absorbed. It’s packed with omega 6, vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6 all super beneficial for your skin.

Vitamin E

Great things really do come in small packages. We add a little vitamin E to many of our skincare products and a few drops can help fight wrinkles and lines, reduce scars, increase elasticity and defend against free-radicals. Love it.


We use sea salts and epsom salts to draw out toxins, relax muscles and ease aches and pains.

Essential Oils

Why would you bother with synthetic fragrances when our beautiful essential oils smell heavenly and each brings it’s own benefits for your skin? We use only the highest quality oils to ensure the maximum benefits for your skin.