Vegan Yorkshire


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With initiatives such as  Veganuary many people may be thinking more about the food they eat and where it comes from. The impacts on the environment from the farming and production of meat and dairy across the world is hard to ignore. 

Whilst many have made the move to being fully Vegan, others are are taking steps to become more vegan friendly perhaps by limiting or removing meat or dairy from their diets or seeking out vegan product alternatives. Vegan products extend beyond food into clothing and personal care and even services such as hair and beauty treatments.    

For people who are new to and exploring a vegan diet and lifestyle, one of the things that can be a struggle initially is what you can order if you are eating out or grabbing a bite to eat on the go.

The good news is that more and more shops, cafes and restaurants are getting better at catering for vegans, vegetarians and those with allergies such as gluten, nut and dairy.

The number of vegan and vegan friendly businesses in the UK and Yorkshire is growing all the time. Areas such as Sheffield have a vibrant vegan community with a wide range of food retailers offering great vegan produce.

The map below (link to open map of Vegan Yorkshire in separate window) provides information on just some of the vegan friendly wholefood stores, cafes and restaurants across Yorkshire. So if you live in this part of the country you can investigate some new places close to you.

You may already have your own favourite vegan friendly places to shop and eat and if they are not on the map then let us know and we can add them and recommend them with a shout out.


(Data credit: some of the information on Sheffield vegan friendly cafes and restaurants has been augmented and updated from the comprehensive Being Vegan in Sheffield Google Map)

You can also find places in Yorkshire that people recommend are good for vegans to eat via the posts in the Facebook Groups below

Vegan places to eat in Yorkshire

The number of great vegan or vegan friendly places to eat in Yorkshire is increasing all the time. Hotspots such as Sheffield are even praising the arrival of a vegan quarter where clusters of vegan restaurants and cafes have become established. 

Sheffield can rightly claim to have one of the most vibrant vegan communities in Yorkshire and there is no shortage of great places to enjoy fabulously tasty vegan dishes.

If you are in Sheffield here are just a few vegan eateries to try 

Leeds also has a great range of vegan friendly places to eat and the list is growing all the time. Below are a few venues with vegan options:

Slightly further out but a destination worth exploring is Prashad, a well established Indian restaurant offering outstanding flavours and mouth watering vegan friendly dishes.

If you are near Hebden Bridge then you have some super vegan choices of places to eat so why not try Greens Vegetarian Cafe which has a good range of vegan and gluten free options. In the same location you can find The Blue Teapot which is a popular vegetarian and vegan cafe / restaurant and Humblest Of Pleasures which is a completely vegan (dog-friendly) cafe serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and cakes and has been getting some great customer reviews.

If you are visiting Ilkley why not take a look at The Veggie which is a vegetarian cafe with a range of vegan options as well as options for those who follow a gluten free diet.

York also has a good selection of vegan places to eat with El Piano being one award-winning venue with consistently good reviews and with cuisine which is wholly plant-based, gluten and nut free and also free from palm oil and refined sugar.

There are also a number of places in Harrogate which offer vegan options on their menu including the impressive and dog friendly Filmore and Union which is running vegan nights between 25-27 January 2018. The Filmore and Union vegan night menu includes vegan and gluten free dishes such as Tofu Rendang curry with edamame, sweet potato, pak choi, toasted
peanuts and coconut sticky rice and a Rainbow carrot medley with Truffle celeriac cake, kumquat marmalade and nutritional yeast gravy.

Baltzersens is another Harrogate cafe restaurant which provides vegan options such as rye berry and roasted sweet potato salad, avocado on toast with roasted tomatoes, shredded fennel, garlic aioli and lingonberry ketchup plus lentil and root veg ʻLapskausʼ which is a Norwegian stew. Baltzersens also bake their own gluten free bread.

For some great beers and a vegan pizza you could try Harrogate's Major Toms Social. Or for fresh coffee and a light lunch you could check out Bean and Bud which has vegan and gluten free options plus bread suitable for vegans with dairy free spread .

For excellent customer service and vegan and gluten free options you are always made welcome at the cosy Tilly Peppers on Cold Bath Road.

Vegan wholefood stores in Yorkshire

Yorkshire has some great wholefood stores selling a wide of vegan produce such as The Incredible Nutshell in Sheffield, Alligator Wholefoods in York or Grain Wholefood in Hull. 

You may want to take a look at Suma Co-op which specialises in vegetarian, fairly traded, organic, ethical and natural products. Suma also supports a great blogger network and you can find some fantastic vegetarian and vegan recipes to enjoy from food bloggers such as Little Miss Meat Free and The Circus Gardener.

Vegan resources and information on becoming vegan

The Vegan Society is good starting point for information on becoming vegan. Their site provides member benefits and also lists companies registered with the Vegan Society so you can search for suppliers of vegan food, non-food and personal care products.

There are many online publications including the Vegan Food and Living Magazine with recipes, information, reviews and advice.

If you are looking for more information on veganism and the choices and alternatives on offer in becoming Vegan then The Balanced Vegan blog has a good series of interviews with people who have already decided to become vegan. It documents the reasons behind their decision and the benefits they have seen from making the switch to a vegan lifestyle. It also provides some great resources for shopping for vegan food and non food products.

To find vegan businesses near you and for reviews of vegan cafes and restaurants check out Happy Cow, My Vegan Town and My Vegan Finder.

For information on all things vegan including events across the UK, information about going vegan and links to ethical and vegan shopping options check out Viva.

There are also a growing number of places online where you can buy vegan and ethical food and non-food products such as Ethical Superstore, Alternative Stores, Vegan Store and VeggieStuff.

Yorkshire vegan events

The number of vegan events and gatherings is increasing all the time including the ever popular Yorkshire Vegan Festival which runs again on 16-17 June 2018 , Leeds Vegan Winterfest and the first North Yorkshire Vegan Festival which is running at the Harrogate International Centre on Saturday 17th March 2018.